J.C. Uhling says the HP 3000’s clamping capacity of 55 in. long x 96 in. high x 24 in. deep allows for easy access and is large enough for multiple unit clamping. The case clamp’s vertical configuration also makes it user friendly while requiring less floor space than any other clamp on the market, the company adds. Features include 4 dual pod pressure bars and 30 second setup/changeover time.
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About J.C. Uhling Products Co.

J.C. UHLING PRODUCTS CO. has been manufacturing machinery and component parts for the woodworking industry since 1977 and is now the #1 Case Clamp manufacturer in America. We continually improve our manufacturing techniques and use an innovative yet simple approach to developing our line of Case Clamps to better serve our customers. Our line includes our compact HP 2000, our best selling HP 3000, our newest most versatile HP 4000, and our semi-automatic HP 5000 as well as custom clamps to meet all of your clamping needs.

The innovativeness of our design is what makes our clamps valuable and the simplicity with which they are operated make them so user friendly that J.C. UHLING PRODUCTS CO. has become the leader in the Case Clamp industry. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our honesty and our willingness to work with our customers. Log on and see why your first……..or next Case Clamp should be a UHLING.



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