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Full Access Quadro from Hettich
BUFORD, Ga. - The Full Access Quadro is the result of optimizing the tried and proven Quadro slide. The economical slide with minimized extension loss compared to a full extension slide provides 15 percent more access than a partial extension slide, making it an attractive option for up or downgrading furniture lines.
The Full Access Quadro for faceframe applications meets ANSI/BHMA 156.9 grade 1 requirements up to 75 lbs dynamic load (21" length slide). The slide can be used for drawers designed with a 5/8", 1/2" or 3/4" drawer side thickness and is available with or without Silent System soft-closing function as well as in a version for frameless applications.
With carcase holes being identical, FR slides, Full Access Quadro and full extension undermount slides are interchangeable. The Full Access Quadro is also a very good alternative to FR slides for roll-out trays. The same drawer can be used for FR slides as well as for full extension undermount slides.
Besides the Full Access Quadro range, Hettich also offers the Quadro full extension slide IW21 as a product for particularly high-quality kitchens and furniture. With the unique steel ball bearing technology, Quadro slides are able to withstand heavy weight up to 90lbs, will last a lifetime, and also provide precision operation. Other useful features include high lateral stability, optimal running properties, and self-cleaning due to steel balls and concealed mounting.