Wire erosion machine for PCD tooling

Vollmer says its VPulse 500, with EDM generator technology, enables high-quality PCD-tipped tools to be manufactured at incredibly high productivity levels. The adjustable touchscreen control panel offers user-friendly menu navigation and intuitive operation. PCD tools are measured and eroded in one clamping process, while simultaneous path interpolation along five CNC axes guarantees that milling cutters, drills, and multi-stage tools are machined precisely. Intelligent automation allows the wire erosion machines to be operated on a multi-shift basis, or in unmanned operation at weekends. Workpiece storage for the VPulse 500 is available for 16, 28 and 65 workpieces. PCD tools weighing up to 25 kg can be machined, and workpieces with a length up to 500mm and a diameter up to 320mm can be accommodated in the interior space.