Saw blade grinding machine

Vollmer offers the CHX 840, a new grinding machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter up to 840mm while the tooth face and top of circular saw blades can be sharpened in one set-up. The machine features five CNC axes, a double grinding wheel, and a transverse feed pawl with pneumatic lifting. The HS automation solution ensures automatic loading of the CHX, and with a saw blade stack height of up to 180mm, it can hold up to 25 circular saw blades. The operating concept is based on Vollmer's multifunction handwheel which facilitates the selection and movement of the axes and is used as a potentiometer.

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Vollmer offers the most comprehensive range of machines for sharpening saw blades and tools used in the metalworking, woodworking and sawmill industry.


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Our machines meet the very highest standards of precision, convenience and service life. We create all the right conditions to help further improve economy for our customers with a range of innovative solutions. VOLLMER Technology & Service is supported by the industry?s leading team of Service Engineers available to our customers throughout North America.




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