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Leitz says its ProfilCut Q Diamond is the first profile polycrystalline diamond (PCD) insert system to accurately maintain diameter and profile and is the fastest. With cutting speeds of 120 meters per second due in part to the Leitz proprietary safety locked inserts, ProfilCut Q PCD can be adapted for use with virtually any machine application. The ProfilCut Q Diamond can process high-end and abrasive materials accurately with exact repeatability and no loss of performance. It is available in a lightweight aluminum or steel design and Leitz says the enhanced service life provided by ProfilCut Q PCD inserts can improve production efficiency.

About Leitz Tooling Systems LP

Leitz Tooling is the leading worldwide manufacturer of precision cutting tools for machining wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals and advanced materials. Our extensive product range includes saw blades, router bits, boring bits, cutterheads, planerheads, insert tooling and diamond tooling. Providing complete sharpening services worldwide, Leitz expertise encompasses tool sharpening, profile grinding, balancing and repair of carbide and diamond tools. In addition to the 8000+ standard tooling solutions in our product offering, Leitz continues to revolutionize the industry with innovations such as the Challenger Award winning RipTec Cutting System, WhisperCut Pre-Mill Cutterhead and ThermoGrip Clamping System. Ten [10] regional service centers located throughout the US and Canada make Leitz your local source.

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