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Easy change planer and jointer knives

Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. Inc. offers the Esta-USA and Dispozablade products and is the exclusive distributor of these products in the United States.

These German-made insert style planer and jointer knives. The planer blade and jointer knife can be changed instantly, accurately and economically, the company says. Unlike every other quick-change planer knife system, Schmidt says the planer blades and jointer knives are designed to work in the original factory-installed cutter head of almost all planers, jointers and molders. 

The combination of these features in one simple knife is unique to woodworking tooling. Extensive nonstop research and development has resulted in an innovative line of planer knives and jointer knives that have completely replaced the troublesome, frustrating and imprecise task of changing knives with a method that is simple, easy and accurate. No special skills required. No machine modifications. No expensive proprietary cutter heads. No need for jack screws, springs, setting gauges, jigs or measuring tools. 

Changing the tooling is accomplished with “Drop and Lock” knife installations in your machine. The High Speed or super-tough Kobalt steel planer blades and jointer knives are the trade standard for being more cost-effective than conventional knives that require regrinding or re-sharpening. Factory-honed edges provide peak machine performance and finish quality on all hardwoods and softwoods.