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Carbide-Tip Multi-Tool Blade

The Bosch carbide tip multi-tool blade offers speed, precision and long life. The increase in blade life is up to 30 times longer use for the carbide blade versus a conventional bi-metal option in metal, based on internal Bosch tests versus Bosch bi-metal blades. The carbide tip offers an advantage for users who can’t make frequent blade changes and need to make cuts in a small space where a reciprocating saw can’t reach, says Bosch. The OSC114C (OSC114C-2 for two pack) blade carbide tip blade can be used to cut wood, including hardwoods, metal, fiber board, cement board, plaster and lathe, nails, bolts and screws. It features a 1-1/4” blade width, which helps the user speed through long cuts, adds Bosch, and the carbide tip is welded to a high-carbon steel body through a proprietary process. The Bosch carbide tip blade features the a thicker interface bracket (1.25mm of steel versus 1mm for a conventional blade), which reduces vibration. The blade is tapered for even more vibration control and more efficient debris removal, says the company. The carbide tip multi-tool blade uses Bosch’s Oscillating Interface System.

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