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Automated Crosscut Saw System for Metals

TigerStop’s U.S.made TigerSaw 1000 is a fully automated and integrated crosscutting system for use with aluminum and other nonferrous metals, says the company. It features a heavyduty build, an 18” saw with a cutting envelope paired with a powerful pusher system for single piece flow or pack sawing applications up to 26’, says the company.  TigerSaw 1000 uses Dynamic Optimization, automated lineal cutting software, as well as a lube mister and flow controls for controlled sawstroke cycle and superior cut quality. TigerSaw 1000 automates the cross cutting process with a computercontrolled system that is accurate, intuitive and easy to use, adds TigerStop. With Dynamic Optimization, TigerStop’s proprietary nesting and optimizing program, random lengths of metal can be nested and optimized, on the fly, by the cut list of needed parts and the actual dimensions of the material placed on the system infeed fence automatically, says the company. Optional features  include TigerTouch: software using a standard touchscreen tablet allows the operator to see cut list progress in real time, perform on-the-fly editing and view statistical feedback regarding yield and other key metrics; Crayon Defect Marking; and Cut-part Printing.

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