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Add-On Kit for Double Miter Saws

SawGear introduces Double MiterPro, a kit for adapting its use on double miter saws. The new kit  is designed to add CNC accuracy to length cutting and includes back rabbet compensation software standard for framing applications, says the company. The Double Miter Pro allows users to quickly and accurately change desired finished part lengths rather than manually moving the stops, adds the company. SawGear sets up in minutes because it is customized for major brands and models of double miter saws. Users can add SawGear to their original saw equipment. SawGear attaches to either side of a double miter saw, attaching to the saw’s existing front fence. Lengths are entered into SawGear’s keypad, so the need for moving the stops by hand is eliminated, saving time, reducing material waste while increasing efficiency, says SawGear. SawGear adds easy‐to‐use technology that improves the accuracy of every cut to within 1/128”, can store up to 100 cut dimensions, and includes an anti‐pinch safety system, says the company. Applications include framing doors and windows, siding bath and shower enclosures, forming trim, finish carpentry tube and pipe cutting, cabinetry extrusion cutting, and custom art frames crown molding. SawGear is an automatic lineal cutting system by TigerStop.

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