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Tool Changing Machine
December 13, 2013 | 11:53 am CST

Techniks introduces the ShrinkPRO  ShrinkFIT Machine, designed to allow users to change tools in just six seconds, says the company. It is automatically air-cooled after the heat cycle and features an easy-to-operate touch screen. Designed for use with carbide or HSS shank sizes 1/18” to 1 ¼”; H6 shanks recommended), it has state-of-the-art induction heating for fast tool changes and an automatic cooling cycle that uses shop air, adds Techniks. The ShrinkPRO electrical circuitry operates on a wide range of power supply voltages from 208VAC 3 phase through 480VAC 3 phase power.  The ShrinkPRO is equipped with induction rings for 1/18” up to 1 ¼” shank sizes and tool seats for BT30/CAT30, BT40/CAT40, BT50/CAT50, and HSK40, 50, and 63 are included.  The ShrinkPRO ShrinkFIT offers a small footprint and is made in the USA. Techniks also produces the Quencher version of this unit, a high capacity unit that cools tools in 30 seconds and is ideal for production environments, according to the company.

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