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Spindle Motor Tool Change System

Benz Inc. introduces the new HF103 Solidfix Spindle Motor, which enables users to change tools quickly using adapters that hold a variety of tools, instead of requiring a manual tool change or adding an automatic tool changer, says the company. With it, an operator programs a pause in the machine routine when it is time for a tool change. The machine software can tell the operator what tool to insert in the spindle. The patented Benz Solidfix modular quick change system allows a user to present tools for precise, repeatable cuts and change tools in 10 to 20 seconds, adds the company. No special tools are required to use it and it can be operated with one hand and incorporates a 180-degree clamp lock and ejection features, and has no screws. It helps reduce set-up time by 90 percent, says Benz, and enables users to produce additional parts every day. Benz says the HF103’s brushless motor includes one ER-32 Solidfix adapter.

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