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Sign-Making Router Bit Set
December 12, 2013 | 9:18 am CST

Amana Tool introduces its eight-piece CNC Sign-making Router Bit Set, #AMS-130. The set is designed for creating signs and other CNC projects in a variety of materials, including wood, composite material, solid surfacing, plaster, acrylic, aluminum and more. The eight-piece set includes a Plastic ‘O’ Flute Router Bit (item # 51404) for use with wood, plastic, foam board, PVC and more; an Aluminum ‘O’ Flute Router (Item #51402) made of solid carbide for use with aluminum, brass, copper and non-ferrous metals; a V-Groove Carbide-tipped Router Bit (item #45705); Carving/Engraving Router Bits, (item #45780) solid carbide, 2-flute are ideal for fine-line engraving in wood and composite materials; an In-Groove Insert Engraving System with a 30-degree V-tip Insert Knife (Items #RC-1076 and #RCK-360). Also included are Insert V-Groove Bits (Item #RC-1102 and #RC-1045) for use with natural wood, wood composites, plastics, solid surface, light panel board and more; and a solid carbide Up-Cut Spiral Ball Nose 2-flute bit (item #46426) for use with wood composites, wood, plastics and more The high mirror finish bits are designed to eliminate tool marks that sometimes appear when used with plastic and solid surface materials, adds Amana Tool.

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