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Router Bit Set for 2D/3D Carving
November 27, 2013 | 1:53 pm CST

Amana Tool introduces the new solid carbide three-piece 2D/3D Carving Tapered Ball Nose Router Bit Set (AMS-142). It contains three mirror finish ZrN-coated router bits, ideal, says Amana Tool, for precision small and large-scale carving applications. The set is designed for 2D and 3D CNC profiling and carving, contour profiling, modeling, and pattern making.  Applications also include signmaking, lithophanes, 3D millwork and decorative doors created in wood, wood composites and more. The router bit set can be used to cut natural wood and composites, plastics, solid surface, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and sign foam and board. The ZrN-coating offers a long tool life, says the company, along with resistance to wear and increased micro tool hardiness. The mirror finish polished flutes allow for easy chip removal and help prevent chip re-welding, adds Amana, and with optimized flute geometry the router bits deliver clean cuts that help eliminate the need for sanding, reduce chatter under high-chip loads and support high feed rates. The set retails for $136.65 and includes three router bits, measuring 1/16” diameter (item 46282), 1/8” diameter (item 46284) and 1/4” (item 46294). The set works with machines such iCarver, CNC Shark, ShopBot, Datron, CarveWright, and CompuCarver.

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