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Expedited Tooling System Repair and Maintenance

Benz Inc. offers service for customers who need immediate turnaround of damaged or worn tools. The company offers tooling system repair and maintenance services to customers in the wood, composites, metal and plastics industries in the U.S and Canada. Benz guarantees downtime will be minimized to 72 hours with its Benz Expedite Service. After the company does an appraisal, prepares a cost estimate and rebuilds the damaged tool, the company will test all tools for functionality. Upon request, Benz will also overhaul and replace all worn parts. All reconditioned Benz tools have a renewed one-year warranty, adds the company. Benz facilities include a temperature-controlled room designed to ensure stability for its measurement tools and parts and better tolerances for high-speed testing and repairs. Precision technology enables Benz to measure specific tolerances to manufacturer specifications, says the company, which maintains a wide inventory of original parts needed for repairs and can perform vibration analysis and balancing, grinding and machining for parts production and modification, and bearing run-in and replacement. Each quote includes an evaluation of all components, the replacement and machining of parts, and a detailed report with photos illustrating damage and estimated delivery dates, adds Benz.

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