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18-Piece Sign-Making Router Bit Set, a premium Amana Tool distributor, offers Amana Tool’s 18-piece sign-making router bit set (item #AMS-132). The set is ideal for creating decorative v-grooves, fine-line engraving, and cutting even the most difficult materials, says the company.  It is designed for signmaking, lettering and engraving tasks in wood, wood composites, MDF, laminated veneers, plastic, aluminum, brass, copper, and solid surface.  Each router bit is manufactured from Amana’s exclusive grade carbide and comes in a solid wood showcase storage box with a clear Plexiglas lid.  The Amana Tool 18-piece CNC sign-making set includes the following router bits with 1/4” shanks: In-Groove Insert Engraving System with RCK-360 V-tip Insert Knife (#RC-1075); 90° V-Groove (#45751); 120° V-Groove (#45756); V-Groove (#45705); 90° InTech  Insert V-Groove (#RC-45711); ZRN Carving Tapered Ball Nose (#46282); Solid Carbide Carving Liner (#45783); Solid Carbide; Carving/Engraving (#45780); InTech Insert Core Box Router Bit (#RC-45910); Solid Carbide Up-Cut Spiral; Ball Nose (#46376);  Solid Carbide Up-Cut Plunge Spiral (#46102); Solid Carbide Solid Carbide Mini Compression Spiral Bit (#46170); Two Plastic (#51411 and #51454) and Two Aluminum Mirror Finish “O” Flutes (#51402 and #51406); Solid Carbide Point Cutting Roundover (#56125);  and Mini Surfacing Inserts Spoilboard Bit (#RC-2248). The AMS 132 retails for $498.75.

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