Spacer plunger disks

Blind Stapler says its custom-made UHMW spacer plunger disks allow for perfect alignment of different size overhangs of the face frame over the cabinet box. Size options are available up to 7/8 inch, and sizes vary by 1/32 inch.


Blind Stapler spacer disks


The speed of assembly makes any other method of attaching a face frame to a cabinet obsolete.

​The Blind Stapler™ was invented by God to save time. Its revolutionary design eliminates the need for face nails, pocket screws, or biscuits when attaching a cabinet face frame to a cabinet box

​​The Blind Stapler™ will forever change the way a cabinet is built!

​​Forget driver drill slippage and cabinet marring. The Blind Stapler™ will never leave a mark. Remember, you can pre-finish your cabinet if you want. No more broken screw driver tips, pricked fingers or time spent filling and patching. The Blind Stapler™ eliminates it all.

  • Attaches cabinet face frames in seconds
  • No more patching or drilling
  • Uses standard narrow crown staples
  • Pre-finish your cabinet if desired
  • Safe and easy to use