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Smart home lighting devices

Tresco Lighting partnered with Swidget Corp. to offer a modular smart home solution that allows users to customize and upgrade their space with a simple swap; compatible with all Tresco low voltage LED lighting. Users can replace their existing outlet or switch with a technology-ready Swidget 20A Outlet, Switch, or Dimmer and add a choice of Wi-Fi-enabled inserts, including the energy-efficient motion sensor, the fast-charging USB, or the high efficiency LED Guide/Night Light. Users can control their lights, program schedules, create scenes, set automation, and more with the Swidget App, or pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to enable voice commands.

About Tresco Lighting

Celebrating 20 years of “Innovation Through Illumination”, Tresco Lighting designs and manufacturers premiere lighting solutions for store display fixtures, and commercial & residential cabinetry.  Offering a full line of superior quality L.E.D., Xenon, and Fluorescent lighting options.