Raptor polymer nails for CNC setups

Raptor polymer fasteners are the first and only of their kind in performance and American made quality. Raptor saves users time and labor and conserves materials and resources. While metal fasteners create problems for woodworkers from rust, corrosion and wood degradation to damaged sawblades, bits and abrasives, Raptor can be driven into wood and can be cut, sanded, sawed and shaped without damaging tools or abrasives. Shutting down the line to repair a damaged blade, bit or belt is eliminated. Replacement belt, bit or blade costs are reduced. Raptor nails will never rust or corrode and therefore, do not need to be countersunk. With Raptor, there are no holes left to putty, eliminating an entire production step. Once sanded and painted or stained with the wood the Raptor nails are virtually undetectable.

CNC woodworkers find the Raptor finish nails to be a quick and safe clamping method for holding multiple layers or small pieces to wood router machines, providing savings on set up and removal down time. Raptor nails are router bit friendly and eliminate the cost spent to replace bits damaged from accidental contact with metal nails.

In woodworking applications where glue is used, such as door manufacturing, Raptor nails act as a clamp to hold parts together during drying. When Raptor is utilized, there is no need to wait for the glue to dry before cutting, shaping, sanding and staining and there are no clamps to remove or metal nails to damage tools. The doors can immediately move throughout production without downtime, without tool or sander belt damage and without holes to putty. The result is streamlined production and beautiful end products made in less time with a measurable cost savings in labor and materials.



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