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Pantry storage

Engineered for seamless installation with Blum MOVENTO Slides, this unit maximizes storage efficiency. With five shelves, including three adjustable ones, it accommodates items of various heights, from oil and vinegar bottles to spices. Whether retrofitting or remodeling, its versatile fit options cater to diverse needs.
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About Century Components, LLC

Relentless Innovation. 

At Century innovation has been a foundational goal in our pursuit to be the leading manufacturer of North America’s highest quality kitchen cabinet accessories. This focus on innovation has led us to develop pull-outs to fit the industry’s fastest-growing segment, frameless cabinets. The addition of these frameless sizes for pull-out spice organizers, pull-out canister organizers, and cookie tray pull-outs ensures Century’s entire product line is now ready to meet this growing demand.

Our goal to be the best kitchen components supplier in the industry is how we commit to doing business with our partners. Many suppliers promote what they do in their companies, but few are clear about the “how” and “why.” At Century, our “how” is a commitment to producing every product by hand by our highly skilled Amish craftsmen and not to rely on foreign companies that mass produce. Our “why” is to honor our Amish heritage that is steeped in the time-honored tradition of excellence and meticulous detail through hard work and commitment to our craft. 

Our commitment.

To earn and maintain your trust by designing, crafting, and finishing the most beautiful and functional cabinet accessories available.

At Century we do it the American way. Right here. At Home.