Gang control for electronic lock control

CompX Security Products offers the REGS-G-DR-3 RegulatoR for gang locking. The RegulatoR REGS-G-DR-3 is designed to allow keyless operation of the CompX Timberline SYS-100, SYS-101 and SYS-104 gang lock mechanisms.  The REGS-G-DR-3 mounts easily within 3/4-inch material and does not require a change to the Lockbar groove or other hardware locations.  

The RegulatoR is domestically manufactured, allows 19 programmable user codes, 1 supervisor code and assigned or Single-use mode operation. Contact CompX Timberline for further information.  IWF Booth #2733 

About CompX Timberline

Manufactures cabinet and furniture locks, locking systems, File Frame and anti-tip mechanisms for the cabinet and wood office furniture industries. All mechanical locks feature removable core lock plugs and we supply full systems designed and engineered to fit most wood cabinetry and furniture. StealthLock, a keyless, invisible cabinet locking system is the first to provide wireless locking. File Frame is a complete metal file hanging system which is strong, durable and attractive.




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