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Cabinet door program
June 17, 2022 | 9:39 am CDT

Egger's new Door Manufacturer Program connects fabricators with its trusted partners to offer pre-fabricated cabinet doors in a variety of styles and types. Egger's door manufacturer partners can produce Shaker-style 5-piece TFL doors, TFL panel doors with applied MDF mouldings and wrapped 3D laminate (3DL) doors, all in matching Egger decors. Modern slab doors can also be easily fabricated with Eurodekor TFL panels or PerfectSense lacquered boards, paired with matching edgebanding.

Door partner manufacturers include Nexis3, Brushy Creek Custom Doors, JB Cutting, Georgia Hardwoods, Prestolam, and DÖRR Industries. Additionally, Egger’s Decor Match System offers a one-stop solution for TFL and laminate decorative surfaces with matching edgebanding. Complementary MDF door mouldings and 3D laminates are also available from partner suppliers.


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