Adjustable rear sockets

The Bainbridge #6742R and #6742L adjustable rear sockets for Ball Bearing full extension drawer slides are available in large and small quantities. The adjustable 2-9/16” deep rear socket has 8mm locator pegs spaced 32mm apart vertically. The rear sockets have right to left adjustment of ¾” for easy drawer automatic centering, says the company. The drawer slides are made of high density polyethylene.


About Bainbridge Mfg. Inc.

Bainbridge Mfg, Inc is North America's leading manufacturer of plastic hardware for cabinets, closets and furniture. For over 55 years we have been designing and injection molding plastic hardware such as corner braces, shelf supports, drawer slide sockets, grommets, clips, caps, covers, plugs + much more! Our full line of more than 600 products includes anything plastic that is used while manufacturing or repairing wood fixtures.



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