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Auto-adjusting clamping

From Kreg Joinery to project assembly, workpiece holding, benchtop clamping, and beyond, Kreg Clamping Solutions make all kinds of project-building tasks easier. Now we’re updating Kreg Clamps, Clamp Systems, and Clamp Tables to make them easier to use than ever—thanks to a new, improved version of our popular and proven Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology.

With Automaxx, you can clamp items that are thick, thin, or in between without ever adjusting the clamp. Simply squeeze the handles, and Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology does the rest, adjusting automatically to match your material.

New Kreg Clamps, Clamp Systems, and Clamp Tables with Automaxx Auto-Adjust Technology will be available starting in June 2016. Prices start at $29.99 (U.S.).