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Metabo Corp. introduces the KHE 3250 1-1/8” SDS-Plus rotary hammer, with the highest power to weight ratio in its class, says the company. The KHE 3250 SDS-Plus rotary hammer has a LongLife 7.2 A motor to provide 0 - 4,470 blows per minute at a force of 0 – 3.1 joules per blow and a no-load RPM of 0 - 1,150. Drilling capacity of the new rotary hammer is 1-1/8” in concrete using solid bits, 3-1/8” in brickwork using thin wall core bits, 1/2” in mild steel and 1-3/8” in softwood. Applications include overhead drilling, setting anchors, drilling holes, and more. The combination hammer features a 3 function switch for drilling with impact, rotary drilling without impact and chipping. In chipping mode, the chisel can be set in 12 different positions. The 360 degree side handle is vibration dampened and the rear handle has an anti-vibration system that prevents vibration transference to the operator. The KHE 3250 SDS-Plus features the Metabo winding protection grid that deflects airborne debris, auto-stop carbon brushes, an aluminum die-cast gear housing and Metabo’s S-automatic safety slip clutch.

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