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Modular Wall Organizing System
September 25, 2014 | 12:26 pm CDT

Hangman Products’ Versa Wall modular organizing system is designed to offer organization for every room of the house. The Versa Wall Organizer is a simple-to-mount wall system that adapts to a wide range of organizing challenges, says the company. The starter kit measures 4’ x 4’ and includes 4 slat wall tracks, 3 sheets of pegboard and 2 side angles. The starter kit can be installed with screws, adds Hangman Products. The pegboard and slat wall function as independent hanging systems, which allows users to specialize the system. The pegboard can be used as a hanging backdrop or part of it can be traded out for chalkboards, dry erase boards or corkboards. Hangman Products makes versatile locking slat-wall peg hooks, designed to keep the hooks on the wall and release only the item being hung. Hangman has five sizes of clamshell holders to fit on the hooks along with the Tool Caddy, a shelf with specially drilled holes to hold screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and other hand tools. The Safety Shelf from Hangman Products, can be snapped into the stat-wall, and includes a ledge to keep items from rolling off.  The Clip Strip is designed to hold papers, pictures and more.

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