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21-Gauge Slight Head Pinner
April 17, 2014 | 6:51 pm CDT

Senco’s FinishPro 21LXP, which features a slight/medium head 21-gauge pinner, delivers the holding power of a brad nail while leaving a much smaller indent that requires little to no filling, says the company. Weighing in at only 2.7 lbs, and less than 9” in height and 8” in length, the ultra-lightweight and compact tool can easily fit into tight spaces, adds Senco. It has an ergonomic and angled pistol grip and a metal magazine, which automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths plus a last nail lockout.  The exhaust is located at the rear to direct air away from the user. An embedded muffler offers quiet operation, says the company. The 21LXP has a fastener capacity of 200 and a range of 5/8”- 2”. Applications for the 21LXP include: light wood assembly, finish and trim work, molding and decorative trim, dowel and joint pinning, mirror and picture frame assembly, lightweight paneling, external softwood trim, rattan furniture, glazing strips, craft work, window beading, display and sign work. The suggested retail price is $249.

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