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Mounting Hardware

Brooklyn Hardware’s heavy duty Kingclip is industrial-grade panel hanging hardware that allows for quick installation of indoor or outdoor signage for applications where a robust wall mount is needed, says the company. Crafted from 13/32 inch thick, AA 6063 high-strength aluminum and heat treated to T6 hardness, the Kingclip features a mounting channel capable of accommodating a variety of anchoring hardware up to ¾”. The Kingclip weighs just .62 pounds per lineal foot, adds the company, so a 12 foot length weighs 7.44 pounds. Kingclip may be ordered with holes custom perforated to the client’s specifications and is available in stock lengths of ¾-inch, 2 ½-inch, and 6 -inch pieces as well as 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 12-foot sections. Additional applications include wall hangings, large display surfaces and architectural paneling.

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About Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing Inc.

Brooklyn Hardware Manufacturing Inc. in Portland, OR, manufactures the trademarked hanging systems: Panelclip® Classic and SE, VClipz® and Kingclip®, which are extruded aluminum mounting hardware products.

Panelclip®, Kingclip® and VClipz® have a 100% positive-stop interlock, allowing them to be the strongest, simplest solutions for your various indoor and outdoor installation needs.