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Customized Home Dumbwaiters
February 3, 2015 | 12:03 pm CST

Butler Mobility Products introduces its custom sized dumbwaiters, designed to solve transport problems in the home, such as moving laundry from a basement to an upper level floor or carrying groceries from a lower level to the kitchen.  Butler Mobility offers a line of premium quality electric dumbwaiters which can be customized to fit any needs. Dumbwaiter cars can open on one, two, three or four sides and corners, too, says the company.  Load capacities range from 100 lbs to 450 lbs and the dumbwaiters can go up to seven stories, adds Butler Mobility Products.  When a custom dumbwaiter is ordered, it comes with a complete set of drawings and a step by step installation manual. It is easy to install and maintain, says the company, and has a five year warranty for residential applications. The Butler dumbwaiter is made in the USA.