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Accuride announces new generation of 3800 family
SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. ⎯ The same updates that came to the popular 3832EC slide in early 2015 are being rolled out to other slides in the family. Including new installation features and flawless movement, this is the new generation of an Accuride classic. Everything you’ve come to expect from our enhanced 3832EC (Easy-Close) is now available in the 3832 Classic, CH3832 (Weather-Resistant), and 3834, giving you more choices in slides for all your applications and projects.
With a load rating up to 100 lbs. and supporting drawers as wide as 24", longer ball retainers with more ball bearings equal strength and better movement. Also, a new front face frame hole eliminates the need for a front mounting bracket, saving time and money. All of these new features are on top of what you’ve already come to rely upon and expect from this time-tested slide series.

NEW Features

• Longer ball retainers and more ball bearings for enhanced fluid movement
• Front face frame hole
• For up to 24" wide drawers