Woodworking VIPS: A New Industry Brain Trust

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL -- Why have more than 750 woodworking professionals – and counting - signed up as Woodworking VIPs (Voices of Industry Professionals)?

The reasons for volunteering to serve on the new online research panel for Wood & Wood Products and Custom Woodworking Business are multiple

Some say they want to learn from others, some say they want to educate, but most want to participate in an ongoing exchange of information with their industry peers with the goal of improving their businesses.

Here's a mere smattering of comments of Woodworking VIP panelists gleaned from a recent survey, which asked them why they chose to join.

* "Networking is very valuable for any business. Whether it's sharing ways to attract new clients or sharing ways to make your business operate more efficiently. The more input we can share within the industry, the better equipped we can all be to meet the challenges in the business world of custom woodworking."

* "I hope to help others understand the challenges of front office productivity and the negative impact that a lack of up-front processes, procedures and productivity can have on the manufacturing process."

* "I want to learn how to cultivate a new and responsible crop of employees."

* "A person should never stop learning and should never give up on trying to add to the quality of life of others interacting with others is always a positive growth experience."

* "I hope to help the woodworking industry stay in the USA! There is much to

learn and share."

* "I want to learn how to best develop my business as it grows."

* "Deep down, we all have a need to belong. Woodworkers, it seems, often have that Lone Cowboy mentality and shy away from belonging to any group. This is an opportunity for me to belong, to demonstrate the value of belonging and, I hope, to contribute what little I know that others may gain from it."

Why else did they enlist?

Woodworking VIPs receive copies of the results of surveys in which they participate and are eligible for prize drawings.

To find out more about becoming a Woodworking VIP, visit www.woodworkingVIP.com.




  1. Preview new products
  2. Learn about best business practices
  3. Learn about other companies’ operations and performance
  4. Compare my business with my peers
  5. Learn about other woodworking companies’ financials

Source: Vance Research Services


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