FREMONT, Calif. - An interview with Fred Koelling, co-founder of Lockdowel glue-less, screw-less wood joining solutions, was made available with Push Thru, the new podcast for the woodworking industry. Koelling discussed the concept of “how to interrupt an industry” as his company has done with its patented EClips glue-less, tool-less fasteners.
“We are thrilled that Lockdowel is a topic on the Push Thru where the best ideas, design, and business methods are shared with other shop owners and manufacturers,” said Koelling. “Our customers tell us we are freeing up their time and allowing more capacity by 60 percent or more when they implement Lockdowel fastening. I’m sure there are other great ideas out there that can help businesses.”
Lockdowel fastening is now implemented in snap-together furniture, cabinetry, and closets, allowing assembly in a third of the time. In addition, Koelling also explained some of the failures and hardships the company has endured while interrupting the woodworking industry.
“I wanted Fred to tell the story of the inspiration behind Lockdowel fastening,” said Jeff Finney, host and creator of the Push Thru. “Lockdowel fasteners save an enormous amount of time in assembly [and] cabinet shops and manufacturers using Lockdowel fasteners can ship RTA to wherever the job site may be. These innovations are changing the woodworking industry.”
A cabinet industry veteran, Finney launched the Push Thru podcast for cabinet shops, contractors, and manufacturers. Push Thru is designed for owners and leaders looking to “push through” their business barriers.
“The Push Thru is the constant state we are in as business owners,” said Finney. “There are never-ending barriers we face when running our businesses and we can only get past them with the drive, direction, and mindset of continuous improvement. We will always have to push thru.”

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