Woodworking CNC Machinery Maker Opens Doors in NC

Woodworking CNC Machinery Maker Opens Doors in NCCHARLOTTE, NC - Carolina Machinery Group LLC is the new kid on the block for CNC machines, announcing two days before Christmas that it had finished production of its "first CNC wood processing unit."

The machine, dubbed the DD 1250, is described as a "compact drilling and dowel insertion machine for cabinet makers." Features of the DD 1250 include: two numerically controlled axes operating on two independent work zones, PC-based CNC control, 15-inch screen, 1.5-horsepower high-speed spindle and bar code and Ethernet connection.

Woodworking CNC Machinery Maker Opens Doors in NCCarolina Machinery Group said it is ready to launch the DD 1250 on the market after successfully completing three months of quality testing,

According to Peter Harrison, general manager of Carolina Machinery Group, "I believe this is a great milestone the company has achieved. We look forward to working with our clients to produce the best CNC equipment at a competitive cost."

In addition to the DD 1250, Carolina Machinery Group is offering the DD 3250 drilling and doweling insertion machine which features three numerically controlled axes and four independent work zones.

For more information, visit cmg-technology.com or phone 704-817-2245.


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