Wood-Mizer LLC, the only sawmill manufacturer to also produce blades, introduces the durable, high performance MaxFlex sawmill blade. Manufactured with premium quality steel selected by Wood-Mizer, the new MaxFlex blade will complement Wood-Mizer’s extensive line of bandsaw blades.

Featuring specialized alloy to provide longer blade flex life and increased durability, MaxFlex is a tough all-purpose blade that is engineered for maximum sawing performance. All MaxFlex blades feature a 10° hook angle with 7/8” tooth spacing and are available in these profiles: 

  •     .042 x 1 ¼”
  •     .045 x 1 ¼”
  •     .045 x 1 ½”
  •     .055 x 1 ½”

“Wood-Mizer continues to focus on providing the industry with a variety of blade options for any sawing application and budget,” said Wood-Mizer Blades Manager John Storm. “MaxFlex Blades give sawmill owners a premium quality all-purpose blade at an exceptional price.”

With the addition of MaxFlex, Wood-Mizer now offers blades in five distinct brands to meet every type of wood cutting application from green softwoods to abrasive and exotic hardwoods.

  •     SilverTip, Carbon: Ideal blade for primary and secondary breakdown.
  •     DoubleHard, High-Alloy: All purpose, durable blade for most sawing applications.
  •     MaxFlex, Premium: Durable, all-purpose blade made with specialized alloy for longer blade flex life.
  •     Bi-Metal, Industrial: Heavy duty blade for production sawing. Provides a longer sawing blade life, especially for cutting abrasive, exotic wood species.
  •     RazorTip, Stellite®: Specialized stellite-tipped blade for cutting abrasive, kiln-dried, tropical, specialty and other tough wood and beams.
  •     RazorTip, Carbide: Specialized triple chip carbide-tipped tooth blade for the hardest of hardwoods, and leaves behind a smooth finish.

Offering more than 60 basic blade profiles and an extensive array of combinations based on profile, tooth height, width, thickness, tooth set and length, Wood-Mizer blades offer unmatched cutting flexibility across the board.

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