Wolf Cabinets CEO, in Run for Governor, Attacked for Outsourcing
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Dave Confer, Vice Chairman, The Wolf Organization, defends Chairman Tom Wolf's business record.
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Tom Wolf, center, at The Wolf Organization cabinet warehouse.

  YORK, PA - Kitchen cabinet exec Tom Wolf, a Democrat running in a crowded field for Pennsylvania Governor, fended off attacks by opponent Allyson Schwartz, who accuses him of outsourcing cabinet manufacturing.

Wolf's 170-year-old company, The Wolf Organization, says it does $200 million in sales as the largest supplier of kitchen and bath cabinetry in the U.S., and a major supplier of building products. It has over 4,000 independent dealers in 29 East Coast and Midwestern states.

At its website, Wolf for Governor of PA, The Wolf campaign details Tom Wolf's public service

In 2007, Gov. Rendell appointed Tom Revenue Secretary, and Tom put all of his assets into a blind trust. As we have said, many times, the Wolf Organization was hit hard by the great recession and the housing market collapse while Tom was Revenue Secretary.

In 2009, he got a phone call saying the company was on the verge of going under. He bought back the business, saved the jobs, and changed the business model, turning Wolf Org into a design and sourcing firm with Wolf-branded products made in the United States not just a traditional distributor. As a result of Tom's actions, the company is now thriving and all employees - two thirds of which are in Pennsylvania - are sharing in that success.

After returning to the company, Tom Wolf renamed Wolf Building Products as Wolf Home Products to source and sell American-made, Wolf-branded products through Wolf and other channels located in the U.S. and beyond.

The Wolf Organization then reduced its overall number of business units from 13 to seven,  streamlined operations and develop a stronger regional focus. Craig Danielson was named head of the new Wolf Home Products division.

Tom Wolf's opponent accuses The Wolf Organization of manufacturing some of the cabinets it distributes at out-of-state sites. The Wolf Organization says it is to its credit it manufactured all its cabinetry in U.S. factories when it abandoned the traditional two-step manufacturer-to-distributor business model, developing new products exclusively for its dealer channel, manufactured under private label at major cabinetry companies.

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