Win free IWF tickets and a chance to win a CNC machine
June 22, 2022 | 8:05 pm CDT

The Felder Group is revving up preparations for the 2022 IWF Atlanta woodworking show. After the 2020 IWF show was cancelled 2 years ago, there’s been a lot to look forward to from Felder and the expectations of their return are high.

With many woodworkers expecting to attend, the Felder Group is offering free tickets to the show. They will be presenting their newest line of woodworking machinery and tools such as the PCS safety system for sliding table saws and glueBox for their high-end edge bander machines. Both of which are Challengers Awards finalists. 

To register for the ticket please click here.

In addition, Felder Group will also be offering a chance to win one of its new Hammer CNC machines: HNC 47.82 CNC portal milling machine. Those who register for the show will automatically be entered. Those who cannot attend the show will still have a chance to win by filling out the form online

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