Vacuums can help prevent combustible dust explosions
August 16, 2011 | 9:10 am CDT
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Vacuums can help prevent combustible dust explosionsBELLVILLE, NJ -

OSHA recently held a Combustible Dust Expert Forum to discuss regulatory options to reduce or prevent combustible dust hazards.

Many manufacturers are scrambling to find a solution to mitigate fugitive dust that leads to secondary dust explosions and are finding that explosion proof industrial vacuum cleaners are the answer.
Accumulations of any amount of combustible dust can lead to disaster.

David Kennedy, GM of Vac-U-Max’s Vacuum Cleaning division, said, "Most of the time, we hear from people who are looking for a solution that makes sense to their budget, but there are some plants who decide to bear the risk rather than investing in equipment to make a plant safer."

Posted by Molly Keith

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