OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- Barney Rigney, CEO of San Juan Specialty Products, Inc., the parent company of Vac-U-Clamp, Pro-Glue and Woodworkers Choice, has announced the sale of the company effective April 30, 2020 to Macow Pacific Corp. Mark Cowdell, the CEO of the corporation, will serve as the chief executive.

Vac-U-Clamp, the 30-year-old marketing brand of the company, makes vacuum laminating presses, entry level and second-tier thermo foil equipment and custom-heated vacuum presses serving industries from custom yachts, aircraft, automotive and the cabinet, closet and furniture trades.

Pro-Glue products are specialized urea adhesives and veneer conditioning materials. Woodworkers Choice products include vacuum driven laminating and forming equipment directed toward the small shops and hobbyist applications.

The company started from modest beginnings in Santa Ana, California, in the early 1990s with diverse products such as in-store food displays for Sunkist Foods and cigar humidors for Costco.

The company developed a line of vacuum hold-downs, the “hockey pucks”, which became a popular seller, designed to tightly hold parts being processed which were eventually sold to retailers and in the traveling weekend woodworkers shows that were popular then. From that start, the company developed vacuum bagging products and then on to vacuum presses, heated and non-heated and the rest is history.

See https://vac-u-clamp.com/

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