VIKEN, Sweden – Asia’s RenewMaterial (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has signed a license agreement with Valinge for the use of the 5G locking system and Threespine click furniture technology. The technologies will help RenewMaterial in its product diversification.

RewnewMaterial is a part of the Singapore-based company RenewFibre Asia which specializes in research and development, production and sales activities of biodegradable materials. Among the company’s products are environmentally-friendly trays, packaging materials, furniture boards and building boards all made from green straw. 
The RenewMaterial’s flooring brand Xtd Xtrawdinary is based on the idea of sustainability. A total of 95 percent of the flooring materials have been made from agricultural straw, allowing the flooring to be free from formaldehyde/additives.

With 5G, the company will now be able to improve the user experience by providing fast, easy and long-lasting installation. In a similar fashion, Threespine will improve the user experience by enabling furniture assembly without using any tools, screws or glue. See

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