EL RENO, Okla. - David Warren, president and CEO of Gemini Industries, Inc, has passed away in October of this year after a battle with cancer. At the age of 48, Warren leaves behind his wife, Kim, and his children, Paige, Duncan, and Chase. 
Warren joined Gemini in June of 2000 as the head of the IT Department and soon after become the CIO. He was named president and CEO of Gemini Industries in December of 2009. Under Warren’s leadership, Gemini had grown and evolved into a dynamic player in the coatings industry, both nationally and internationally. 
The company says even though Warren was a gifted strategist and driver of technological advancement, his real passion at Gemini was the people. He made it a point to know each department and his fellow co-owners and was never too busy to meet with folks one on one or roll up his sleeves and join in any task where help was needed. 
Warren was proud that Gemini was a 100 percent employee-owned company and shared that pride of ownership with each one of his fellow co-owners.

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