Precision Woodworking for sale
GEORGETOWN, GUYANA -Caribbean-based Precision Woodworking Ltd.'s 97,000 square foot furniture manufacturing operation is for sale. Local media reports that the outdoor furniture manufacturing firm, which specializes in use of Courbaril species, had layoffs last year, and that it is going through a restructuring.

The South American Precision Woodworking was founded in Guyana in 1983 to manufacture and export high quality furniture for the European market. In 2001 the company received the Ernst & Young Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year award for its export achievements, and says it supplies Europe’s largest quality retailer with its top-selling furniture lines for over a decade. 

Precision Woodworking says the Janka hardness test, measures the force required to embed an 11 mm (0.444-inch) steel ball to half its diameter in wood, is one of the best measures of the ability of a wood species to withstand denting and wearing. This test establishes, says Precision, that Courbaril is 135% harder than teak, a result of its density (900Kg/m3) compared to teak (550Kg/m3).

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