ALBANY, Ga. and CINCINNATI - A Polymer Solutions Group (PSG) company, Sasco Chemical, announced that it has acquired the wood release agent product line of Michelman, Inc., a supplier of release agents to the engineered wood market.
PSG is a manufacturer of specialty polymers and additives for the rubber, wood, consumer, construction, and medical industries. Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials with surface additives and polymeric binders.
In 2015, Sasco opened a release agent production facility in Albany, Georgia and has expanded its business in the wood release agents market over the past several years by leveraging its core competencies around anti-tack products primarily sold into the rubber industry.
"The acquisition of Michelman’s Michem wood release agents will advance PSG’s strategic goal of growing its product portfolio of functional materials for the construction industry," said Mike Ivany, president and CEO of PSG. "Specifically, this solidifies PSG and Sasco as a dedicated supplier to the engineered wood market and provides a platform to expand PSG’s presence into other technical and geographical areas."
To ensure a smooth transition, Michelman will continue to manufacture the acquired products for PSG while the production capacity is increased at its production facilities. Over the next few months, Sasco’s wood products and the newly acquired products from Michelman will be integrated into PSG’s functional materials business segment and will be sold under PSG’s existing brand name, TechKote.
"We are extremely proud of the development of our engineered wood release business over recent years," said Steve Shifman, Michelman’s president and CEO. "Michelman’s technical and business development associates identified a changing commercial environment and acted to fulfill the needs of our customers. This segment continues to develop and we are pleased that these customers will now be served by Sasco."

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