RUSSELLS POINT, Ohio -- West Ohio Tool continues to refurbish its existing machine tools, including new machine and software from Walter for processing PCD cutting tools. The Russells Point, Ohio, company produces most of their own tools for automotive, and does private labeling for other tool manufacturers that serve the woodworking, medical and aerospace sectors that do not have the capability to produce diamond tools.

The Walter tool and cutter grinder is used in the production and manufacture of round carbide cutting tools. These are primarily routers and endmills and milling type cutters, with some drills. The machine that received the upgrade is used for carbide and high speed steel tools although it is used mostly for carbide. The newest machine at West Ohio Tool also has uses erosion technology for producing diamond, or PCD  cutting tools.

The Walter machine upgrade is primarily a software package with hardware components to support that package. Prior to going out, the machine ran pretty much a DOS-based program and now has been updated to what is called Tool Studio. Tool Studio utilizes 3D models and simulation so that cutting tools can be replicated and manufactured in a “virtual” environment before actually producing on the machine. For more information

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