MILAN, Italy -- After the decision to bring the Xylexpo exhibition timeframe to four days (from Tuesday May 26 to Friday May 29, 2020), a new logo has been launched officially, 20 years after the rebranding from Interbimall to Xylexpo and the introduction of the logo that has characterized the international exhibition until the latest edition in 2018.

So, as of 2020, a new visual symbol represents the mission of the event: Tools to process wood and wood-based materials, while adding a modern, contemporary, clean and linear style.

“We decided to ‘clean up’ the old logo and create an easy-to-read, stronger image that represents our identity: A practical, modern event where exhibitors and visitors can recognize each other immediately and easily, staying focused on their business, namely the demand and supply of innovation,” said the exhibition manager Dario Corbetta.


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