ATLANTA -- IVM introduced a new technologically advanced product line during a briefing at IWF.

BCA, Block Chain Addition, is a product line that opens the door to a new category with new possibilities and applications, according to Milesi.
BCA is able to combine features of polyurethanic, acrylic, pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed coatings. All BCA products are isocyanate-free, formaldehyde-free, do not develop formaldehyde at curing and are aromatic free, according to Milesi.

BCA reportedly offers improved resistance to abrasion, to yellowing caused by light, to staining left by liquids. It reportedly provides quick drying times, a longer pot life and improved ease of use. The BCA products do not contain isocyanates, aromatic compounds or formaldehyde.

BCA has its roots in the study of a wood coating that could combine the functional and aesthetic performance of polyurethanes, but being isocyanate-free.

Milesi is a brand of Italy’s IVM Group. The brand has been developed through interaction with the wood and furniture industry. Milesi services the professional user, from the craftsman to large industry.
Milesi is a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest wood coatings manufactures in Europe. See

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