Acne extraction.
Acne extraction.
A 23-year-old construction worker thought he had a zit. Nothing weird yet.
Choosing to ignore any common wisdom saying popping your own pimples is bad, he decided to pop it himself... using a woodworking blade.
A vicious fungal infection followed. The Journal of Emergency Medicine described it as a "large, heme-crusted, verrucous, erythematous plaque with a rolled, indurated border on the lower vermillion and cutaneous lips. Basically, the area around his mouth was firm, wart-like, and there was a lot of dried blood.
The Journal said that the usual way to develop this infection is contact with soil. There are less than 50 other documented cases of this type of infection. Other victims developed the infection by "tree bark trauma" and "grain elevator door-related trauma."
An anti-fungal cream was prescribed and the infection was close to clearing up after two weeks.

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