Laguna Tools Announces Wood Machinery Developments
Laguna Tools Announces Wood Machinery Developments

IRVINE - Laguna Tools recently announced a number of new developments impacting its solid wood and panel processing machinery.

According to Catherine Helshoj, vice pesident, Laguna Tools has entered into an agreement with B&R Automation to develop non-PC based operating systems for the woodworking machinery supplier's CNC lineup.

“These B&R Platforms provide our clients with incredible reliability and performance,” Helshoj said. “For example, flash cards are used instead of hard drives… and there are absolutely no parts to fail. Many of our clients also love the fact that machines can be operated and monitored from a single computer, which is ideal for a teaching environment.”

In related news, Laguna Tools also announced the release of its Revo Lathes, which are powered by servo technology. According to Laguna Tools President Torben Helshoj, the lathes are designed for use by professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists and have more mass, less vibration and substantially more torque compared to similar machines.

During the International Woodworking Fair, Laguna Tools has announced it had redesigned its LT 14 SUV bandsaw and displayed its new lineup of Resaw King Bandsaw Blades, which the company says produce  less wood waste.



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