Lach celebrates 50 years in diamond industry
Horst Lach is celebrating 50
years in the diamond industry.

Horst Lach, who just turned 70 is celebrating his 50th anniversary in the diamond industry.

In 1960, Lach joined his father’s diamond cutting facility, founded in 1922. Until the end of the 1950s, the facility handled mostly diamond jewelry – with more than 600 diamond cutters before World War II – but the company was forced to set new priorities when the grinding of jewelry diamonds was increasingly relocated to low-wage countries.

It was at this time that Jakob Lach, at the time already 66 years of age, and his 20-year old son, Horst, started to develop a diamond tool factory and started trading industrial diamonds for the automobile and metal working industry.

Among Horst Lach's accomplishments were developing the first CBN grinding wheel and being a pioneer of polycrystalline diamonds for use in manufacturing tools.  In 1999, Lach received the DeBeers Diamond Award for his y idea to use diamonds as cutting materials in the wood industry.

Today, 150 employees are employed at Lach Diamant Jakob Lach GmbH & Co. KG (manufacturing plants in Hanau and Lichtenau and Lach Diamond Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.

Lach's son Robert and daughter Iris represent the third-generation family-run business.
Read Lach Diamond's release.


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