Each year, Kerfkore Co. gives two distributor awards based on their purchases and sales of Kerfkore products. The first award is for the largest volume; the second, for the greatest percent increase compared to the previous year.

For 2015, Distributor Service, Inc. receives the award for the largest volume distributor of Kerfkore products. They sell the complete line of bendable and lightweight panels plus they inventory these materials so they can be delivered quickly to supply their customer's requirements. Their growth this year was achieved through standard product sales along with some nice customer projects. DSI's support from management and sales made this award possible.

For the Greatest Sales Increase in 2015, the award goes to Dixie Plywood and Lumber Co./South Florida. They also sell a complete mix of bendable and lightweight products and inventory a good representation of the Kerfkore product line. Their growth was a combination of strong sales from a variety of these bendable and lightweight products. www.kerfkore.com.

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