In a new campaign, Swedish furniture giant Ikea has renamed its products to the most common Google searches about relationship problems.

Featuring names like “My Partner Snores” for a daybed, “My Teenage Daughter Throws Clothes on the Floor” for a chair with towel rack, “Hard to Get Teenager Out of Bed” for a lithium-ion drill, “She Gives Me Mixed Signals” for a bunk bed frame, and “Dating Three at Once” for a triple pad wireless charger, the campaign aims to help customers repair their relationships at home.

“There’s a variety of everyday dilemmas that can be solved or improved by our products,” said Akestam Holst, the creative agency behind the campaign, named Retail Therapy.

“These days most of us turn to the internet with our problems. So we renamed Ikea’s products to the most common searches about relationship problems. Now when you Google your problem, you’ll find an Ikea product with the exact same name.”

“What better way to connect Ikea’s products to people’s actual lives than the questions everyday people actually ask on Google?” asked Akestam’s creative director Magnus Jakobsson.

The updated products are featured on a new website identical to the company’s main site.


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