Hurricanes wreak havoc on homes in coastal states. If you live in Southeast Texas, you have most likely seen this first hand. This is why it is important to prepare your home for hurricanes ahead of time. Doing so will save you time and money. 
Woodworking Network is keeping the folks of southern Texas in our thoughts and prayers. 
The best way to protect the windows of your home from debris during a hurricane is to cover them with plywood. Plywood is a thin, durable wooden board that consists of several compressed layers. Before you purchase plywood for boarding up your windows, you should first measure the width and height of each window you will be covering. This will allow you to determine how much plywood you will need.
Items Needed from the Hardware Store
  • Enough 1/2 inch plywood to cover all of your house’s windows
  • Concrete screws (optional)
  • Plylox window clips (optional)

Securing the Plywood to Your Windows

If you wish to use screws to secure your plywood to your windows, you will need a drill and something to mark the plywood where the screws will go. Alternatively, if you wish to board up your windows without having to drill screws into your home, you can use Plylox window clips.

Using Screws
  • Add 5 to 10 inches to the width and height measurements of the window.
  • Use these measurements to cut your plywood.
  • Mark the plywood 2 inches in from the edge, spacing each mark 10 inches apart.
  • Hold the board to the window and drill a screw into each mark.
  • *You may need someone to help hold the board to the window while you are drilling.
Using PLYLOX Window Clips
  • Subtract 1/4 of an inch from the width and height measurements of the window.
  • Use these measurements to cut your plywood.
  • Attach an even number of evenly spaced clips to both the left and right sides of the plywood.
  • Slide the plywood into the window casing (be sure the clips are gripping the edges of the casing.)  

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